MD@Hand App for Smartphones


Product Features

Information supplied to and from the physician via the handheld device includes:

Case/Episode diagnosis and Treatment Information:
  • Episode by episode multiple diagnosis and physician chosen treatment pathways

  • Patient cumulative treatment (electronic medical record) histories, including hospitalizations and histories from patient encounters with other physicians

  • Eight levels best care medical protocols

  • Tentacle links to the physician desktop reference (PDR) and prescription drug databases

Medical Order Entry and Fulfillment
  • Full Pharmacy Benefits Management programs with electronic script writing with drug formulary and drug to drug interaction checks prior to script transmission

  • Lab Order Entry with complete reporting including results, pending, ticklers, out of limits, historical, summary, etc.,

  • Accident/Worker's Compensation intervention modules. In addition, Decision Diagnostics Corp. software applications provide both on-line and off-line (fax) order entry.

Payor-Related Applications
  • Plan and Procedure Eligibility

  • Procedure/Drug Authorization Patient

  • Referral Hospitalization Admit Decision Tree and schema


How It Works


Benefit for Physicians

Benefit For Health Plans

  • All access to medication and drug data, interaction databases and formulary information is provided free of charge to all participating physicians via the PDA through Decision Diagnostics Corp.'s network

  • Lowers office costs by centralizing all formulary and prescription medicine data on one or multiple PDAs and by reducing paperwork and phone time

  • Improves quality of care by providing timely information including Best Care Guidelines to help assure an excellent standard of care

  • Improves office workflow by providing a compendium of prescription, lab results, referable physicians

  • Reduces time pulling and refilling charts, reduces errors by offering immediate access to drug data, current formulary tables, lab results and Best Care Guidelines

  • High degree of formulary compliance

  • Expedites claims and Improves outcomes

  • Helps in creating excellent standard for quality healthcare for all patients

  • Reduces cost of operations in many ways (i.e. cutting down paperwork and phone support) while increasing office productivity

  • Reduces errors commonly occuring in paper-dependant communication and data storage and assures correct utilization of resources